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At its inception, Shefa Yamim acquired an exclusive permit from Israel’s official state authorities (the Supervisor of Mines at the Ministry of National Infrastructure). To date, Israel has issued consecutive permits to Shefa Yamim, expanding the company’s research, exploration and prospecting operations. 
Primary Interests 
Shefa Yamim’s primary interests encompass two specific areas: The Zevulun Valley (Kishon River) and Mount Carmel. 
The Zevulun Valley is a graben environment (a depressed block of land bordered by parallel faults) that features a variety of interlocking, sedimentary deposits: alluvial fan, marine, lagoon and fluvial. This valley is where Shefa Yamim has uncovered diamonds, its most notable and high-interest discovery. 
By contrast, Mount Carmel is an elevated region, one of only two locations where ancient volcanism is evident in Israel. On this mountain range, Shefa Yamim has discovered a number of volcanic bodies, including some with demonstrated kimberlitic signatures. 
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Shefa Yamim’s explorations have produced remarkable results across the Carmel Mountain Range, between the Zevulun and Israel Valleys, along the Kishon River, and upon the plateaus of Ramot Menashe. In this unexpected geological setting, Company geologists have unearthed diamonds, and precious gemstones displaying a new scientific discovery.

Shefa Yamim is now assessing the commercial viability of its discoveries - a timely development, as experts are predicting the dawn of a “diamond decade", an upcoming surge in gemstone values, driven by an increase in global demand. 

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