Kishon River

Kishon River


A “Source to Sink” geological model guides exploration to locate deposits of Gemstones.

Gemstones from primary sources discovered in some volcanic bodies within the Kishon catchment, notably Diamond (D), Sapphire (C), Carmel Sapphire™ (C), Ruby (C), Moissanite (M) and Hibonite (H). 

Gemstones are transported via the Kishon River from sources to a sink in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The placer deposits in the sink are deeply buried and difficult to access. 

The most accessible natural trap for the gemstones is in the Mid-Reach area of the Kishon Valley where the river is confined through the “Kishon Gap” to form a transient placer.

Exploration Target 
Kishon Mid  Reach

The Kishon Mid Reach placer is the Company’s most advanced exploration project and ongoing exploration activities are being undertaken with the aim of defining a SAMREC compliant Mineral Resource. The target is 4.5 km long and about 150 m wide with gravel layers of variable thicknesses between 0.5 m and 4.5 m. All gemstones are entirely found within the gravel fractions. 

The Company has delineated the Kishon Mid Reach placer in three zones, namely; Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3, all of which are at different stages of development.

Zones 1 and 2, which cover c.3.5km of the total length of the placer, are believed to contain some 1.1Mt of gemstone bearing gravel. These two zones have been the focus of the Company’s drilling and a bulk sampling programme. Out of roughly 186 boreholes drilled by the Company, a total of 137 boreholes were drilled specifically in Zone 1 + 15 bulk sampling and 23 boreholes in Zone 2 + 26 bulk and mini bulk sampling, whilst approximately over 6kt in bulk sampling has been completed in these two zones.

The mapping, drilling and pitting results obtained to date, which have been further modelled in 3-D, point to potential extensions of the Kishon Mid Reach placer in both upstream and downstream directions. 

With Zone 1 now well delineated, future bulk sampling and drilling campaigns will focus primarily on Zone 2 and Zone 3 to determine the full resource potential of the Kishon Mid Reach placer.

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