Founded in 1999 in Israel, Shefa Yamim is a multi-commodity, exploration mining company with operations in Northern Israel. 

It currently holds three permits, two prospecting and one exploration, covering a total area of 614 km2. Its principal exploration targets are the primary volcanic sources on the Mount Carmel and the secondary sources of valley-filled sediment deposits throughout the Kishon River catchment. 

To date, drilling and sampling programmes have resulted in the discovery of Sapphires, Rubies, Carmel Sapphires, Hibonites and large Natural Moissanite crystals and diamonds (micro and macro size). 
The Company’s strategy is to focus on exploration targets which it deems to have the highest upside and can be bought into production at a relatively low cost. To this end, it has identified the Mid-Reach alluvial target as a high priority where significant drilling and sampling has taken place. Shefa is at an advanced stage in completing an inferred mineral resource on the Mid-Reach, whilst continuing to evaluate the primary source in Mount Carmel. 

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